5 Reasons Young Thots are Better Than Old Ones


    This article explains why it's better to fuck with young bitches instead of older ones.  Lets face it, we as men are always going to want pussy until the day we die and we have been blessed with an abundance of women to pick and choose from.  Skinny, fat, dark, light, etc… However there has always been a debate as to which age of women is best to mess around with.  To me the answer is very clear.  It is best to keep younger women in your circle rather than older ones.  Trust me!  And when I say young I mean 18-24 and maybe even 17 in states where it is LEGAL! When I say old I mean 25-99.  25 in Women’s years is like 37 in Men’s Years.  Here are 5 reasons young thots are better than old ones.


  1. Younger Women are more open minded..


    Young bitches have less experience in life which is great for the man.  This means she is more open to learning and trying new things.  You as a man can now be put in a teacher’s position in her life and mold her to your liking.  Younger women will be more open to more sexual favors like threesomes and bring more spice to the occasion.

    If you haven’t notice, younger women have more of a lively personality than older ones. They laugh more, talk more, and are just way more electric.  They are ready for the world and with the open space in her mind you can set your imprint.


     2.   They smell better.


    Is it just me or do older women have a weird smell.  Shit is a turnoff.


     3.  Younger women have way better pussy than older ones


There is a myth that the reason bitch’s pussies be loose is because she’s been fuckin many horse dicks.  This is not true.  Pussy walls get messed up by have too many dicks, big or small. Every dick she fucks disfigures and shapes her walls in some way.  Since older women have had so many dicks it’s like they pussy be wack af!

Now don’t get me wrong. There is that special occasion where an older bitch will have some good good but that's rare.  Also younger women are willing to do more in the bedroom then older washed up hoes.


      4.  Younger women are better looking!


    As men, when it comes to women, looks are the first thing we are focused on.  Physical attraction is everything.  With that being said younger women look better, have better bodies, and even better smiles.  Being around an attractive young bitch just feels better.



      5.  Less Mileage

Women are very emotional and go through years of emotional roller coasters.  After a while this starts to take its toll.  Older women have had more men, more experiences, and more time living than younger women.  When buying any product, it’s usually best to buy the newest model with the best warranty.  Also she retains DNA from every man she has slept with (microchimerism) so over time you are dealing with her and the spirits of her past fuck buddies who nutted in her.




Even though young women are better for men, there are precautions that still need to be taken.  First off never trust any woman period.  Young women are great only if they are genuinely fucking with you.  If it's a money for sex thing then keep it at that and do not establish a relationship with her.  Young bitches do dumb shit like try to set niggas up but luckily this does not happen as often.


Older women can be more mature which can make for a more easy going time.  They also understand men better and be an asset to a man’s life.  However because of their bitterness they choose not to do this.  


“It’s better to raise strong children than to fix broken men” - Frederick Douglas

.. “This goes for women too” - Ramil Amyr   

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