Erectile Dysfunction: How to Fix It!


    According to the Cleveland Clinic about 52% of men experience erectile dysfunction.  Wow! This means that over half of the men existing cannot even perform their natural duty. WTF.  And we wonder why we cannot keep the modern woman in check.  Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that can be easily fixed but a lot of men do not have the discipline to make the necessary lifestyle changes to take care of it.

    Before we can get to how to fix ED, we must examine the cause.  Research shows that the main cause of ED is lack of blood flow to the penis.  This can happen by clogged arteries, a condition called Atherosclerosis.  Clogged arteries are usually associated with high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  What does this mean?? BAD DIET!!

    The main reason why men cannot get it up is eating a bad diet.  Most of us men eat a diet that goes against the nature of the human digestive system.  Heavy meat eating, heavy dairy eating, excessive alcohol drinking, and other bad eating habits contribute to ED.  When you eat bad food it leaves plaque in your arteries which in turn causes blood to not flow as efficiently as it could.

    There are herbs to take to fix ED but let's stick with the diet change first.  Herbs are not really effective if your diet is trash.  As been proven in court by Dr. Sebi, humans should not be consuming meat and dairy in the first place, however I know most of you niggas are not going to give that up.  However you can still make some changes that will greatly help your ED.  

    When you first wake up there is no way you should be putting solid hard foods in your body. Waking up to eggs, sausage, and grits is one of the worst things you can do to your body.  After your body has just fasted during the night as you slept you are now interrupting that fast (break-fast) and clogging your arteries for the day.  When you wake up your only meal should be water and fruit or alkaline fruit smoothie.  That is it! Put sea moss in your smoothie to curb hunger.  At lunch (10AM to 2PM) your mean should be a raw food meal such as a salad.  There are many raw food recipes on the internet.  Make a big meal if hunger is your concern. Eat until satisfied.  Doing this allows your body to establish positive blood flow for the day and will energize you greatly.  After about 2pm you can now eat solid foods since you have jump started your body with good food.  Your biggest meal should be in the middle of the day and not dinner.  Late in the day your last meal should be light and healthy.  Following this diet regime for a few days will greatly help your ED. Now let's move on the the herbs.

    When you wake up you should take gingko biloba and gotu kola to assist with blood flow.  Not only do these herbs enhance your brain power but they improve blood flow throughout the body. Take maca root sometime before lunch.  This increases sperm count and testosterone.  And when you are about to get some pussy be sure to take some Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus, and Damiana Leaf to get the blood flow going to the penis area.  Remember the herbs are more effective with a good diet.

    Besides the diet and the herbs here are some things you must stop doing to help with ED. Stop masturbating all the time, you are wasting sperm and testosterone. Try to have an orgasm every few days as opposed to every day.  You release a lot of nutrients when you ejaculate. Cut down on the porn so you won’t be desensitized to sex.  Meditate on the root chakra.  

    Follow the behaviors in this article and you should see a change in your ED within a week. Let me know how this goes. Peace!

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