Follow the Money 5/16/2017

This country is and has always been ran by like a business. America is a corporation.  (28 U.S.C. SS 3002).  The flow of money will always determine the direction any entity will go.  Capitalism is a frequency which most black men just do not seem to want to align with.  Now we have to admit that capitalism is a creation of white men and maybe that might be the reason why black people have a hard time keeping up.  The nature of white people and blacks are very different.  We come from very different backgrounds as humans species.

   However that is not an excuse for blacks to be where they are at in this day and age.  Even though blacks come from a very docile nature, (You do not have to compete for food in Africa when there is an abundance of everything), there is no reason why we cannot muster up the mental strength to compete.  What it comes down to is beating our nature and aligning with the same thing that defeated us. Capitalism.  Slavery was a capitalistic venture, not a racist one.  

   Even though money determines pretty much everything is our lives, why are black men not taking it more serious? We follow everything but the money.  We truly believe that working a job and receiving that check is the end all be all for getting money, or either we try to get it illegally.  When it comes to creating businesses and wealth most of us have a "lets let white daddy take care of that, we just want to work."  In 2012 black businesses only accounted for 2% of the businesses in the U.S.

   The main reason why black men are failing in this country is because we follow everything except the trend of money.  We prioritize phat ass, sports, entertainment, clubs, cars, and other distractions over the accumulation of wealth for the most part.  To be blunt, in order to ensure your survival you must make staying on the capitalistic frequency your priority.  Doing this automatically puts you in a separte category from 98% of black people.  Being a capitalist makes you an anamoly amongst black people.

   Understand that when you decide to follow money by starting a business, investing in stocks, reading financial literature, you are essentially disowning black culture.  So which is it going to be? Black culture or Capitalism?  Sure you can mesh the two at times which is what I do when possible, but for the most part it is either one or the other!

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