Game is Irrelevant 6/22/17



There is a misconception out there that game is needed to get women. This is the farthest from the truth.  PUA’s and proponents of “mackin” and “pimpin” love to talk about how your words matter to a women.  Even though having a slick mouth and game can help in the process of getting women, it is not the main component of the machine.  Let’s break down why game is irrelevant.

First off human communication is 93% body language and only 7% verbal.  This means that the vibe you give off is way more important than the words you say.  Meaning that your appearance, the way you look at her, tension, and all other forms of body language takes top priority over what you say to her.  This is science.  When trying to get women, words are not really relevant.  A women pretty much decides if she wants to fuck you within the first two minutes of meeting you.  This is because she is shopping for the best genes for her babies.  Your words hardly have anything to do with that.  When she first meets you she is checking for hygiene, physical fitness, shoes, hair, your sexual energy towards her, etc.  Your vocabulary is not a priority with her.  If she already wants to fuck you then you just need basic conversation skills and not game.  Since she has already made up her mind, you just need to keep things cordial until you get to the bedroom.

Sex is a non verbal sport (unless your talking dirty lol) and in order for it to happen there must be non verbal sexual tension.  There must be some sort of uncomfort with the other individual.  There must be some sort of mystery.  Talking too damn much takes this unspoken vibe away and she now wants to be on the next quest.  This is why black women fuck thug niggas who can barely speak English and make babies with them.  It wasn’t their game that gets the the pussy. It is their alpha vibe, their appearance, and the ability to guide women into the bedroom after sensing that she wants him.

The way to bypass game is to first notice signs that a women is really fuckin with you.  When you first meet here she will smile, look you in your eyes, and she will give off a childish vibe.  Before a conversation happens she will already give off “fuck me” signs.  After noticing these signs all you have to do is lead her to the bedroom sort of like how hunters leave a trail of food to lead the hunted animal into a trap.  No game is required for this. After a decent conversation get her contact and any conversation after that should be about you hanging out with her privately.  This is how women choose mates.  They choose the men who give off the most sexual energy and act on it.  

Most men that women fuck do not have no type of game.  It is the vibe that men give off that helps women determine if you will give sex or not.  Vibes are non verbal cues.  Can game help? Yes, but most likely it will hinder you from getting ass.  Too much verbal communication takes away from the mystery needed to build up sexual tension.  Women don’t even like two way communication like that, they just like to be the ones talking.  They do not care what you have to say. They care about how you make them feel.

You are better off working on your physical appearance (keeping haircut, working out, etc..) then trying to perfect “game.” You will get a lot more women in a shorter time using nonverbal cues than verbal ones.

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