The Secret Rape Fetishes of Women 8/1/17


First off this article is not to condone sexual assault, rape, or any other criminal conduct in any way.  This article is just to point out some of the sexual desires of a lot of women today.  A lot of women, especially black women, have rape fantasies and desires.  I know this sounds crazy but let's examine some behaviors of women sexually.  Knowing your sexual counterpart can greatly increase pleasure and intensity.

   According to an article on the Psychology Today website, over 90% of women have sexual fantasies and then 1/3rd to 2/3rd of them have some sort of rape fantasy.  You must understand that women are still animals and in the animal kingdom there is no dating or courting.  When the alpha male fights off its competition he gets to mate with whoever in the bunch.  Rather by force or not the male animal will mate with the female.  Essentially we are still animals, and we still have to function in that capacity in some type of way.

   When a bitch call you "daddy" that is a rape fetish.  It signifies a father/daughter sexual relationship.  It is a psychological thing.  In today's world father daughter sexual relationships are considered rape and prosecuted to the fullest extent, yet women still call men "daddy" who can bang that pussy out for some reason.  

   Choking someone is considered a dangerous act to the public.  You are taking control of someone's air passages and they can die.  However a lot of women like being choked.  They want to be fucked while gasping for air? Is this not some sort of rape fetish? To not have control of your body or breathing while having multiple orgasms?  Choking takes place in a lot of actual rapes so why do women like being choked while being fucked? Another rape fetish.

   I could go on countlessly about how women secretly have rape fetishes.  The point of this article is not to condone rape but to point out that women like to give up control sometimes because it is natural.  Rape fetishes are just short flashes of her returning to nature and being submissive to the man.  Pay attention to how your women behaves during sex, she just might want to to take full control!

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