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Organic Natural Herbs. Hand-Made

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Not evaluated by the FDA. Results Guaranteed if instructions are followed.

Mental Power Formula

*Best Seller

(100 Capsules) This powerful formula assists with increasing blood flow the the brain.  It will help you focus on tasks for longer periods of time and help sharpen your memory.  Great for ADHD and loss of memory!

Ingredients: Gingko Biloba, Gotu Kola, Sea Moss, Bladderack, Damiana Leaf

Get Her Sprung Formula

(100 Capsules) This incredible formula assists with increasing blood flow the the penis.  It will help maintain erections for longer periods of time, increase the circumference of your erected penis, and help you maintain control of your erection during sex.  Only use this is you are ready to get her sprung real shit.

Ingredients: Horny Goat Weed, Damiana Leaf, Tribulus, Gingko Biloba, Ashwaganda, Muira, Sarsaparilla.

Vitality Formula

(100 Capsules) This amazing formula gives you energy from a natural source instead of those acidic and unhealthy energy drinks.  It will help maintain energy throughout your day and get rid of that sluggish midday feeling!  Works best with the Mental Clarity Formula

Ingredients: Sarsaparilla, Uva Ursi, Maca Root, American Ginseng, Sea Moss, Bladderwack.

Night Night Nigga Formula

(Tea Forumla) This superb formula assists with falling asleep at night and getting a full nights sleep.  It also helps with calming down the nerves/anxiety issues.  This is a tea formula so be sure you have a tea strainer or tea bags before purchasing.  Do not take this formula before driving or doing anything active.

Ingredients: Valerian root, Blue vervian, Skull Cap, Passionflower.

Ultimate Regime Package

Enhance your well being asap with this ultimate herb package. This package includes the Mental Power, Get Her Sprung, Vitality, and Night Night Nigga Formulas. 1 of each package of the formulas.