5 Reasons Why You Should Join #HERBGANG

Whatup guys! We're back with another installment at Ramil Herbs. I wanted to take the time to let you guys know what's happening at Ramil Herbs. First and foremost, we would like to thank you all for the support, you guys really show us love and we appreciate that.

A few month's ago we mentioned having some big plans here for our men. We asked if you all would walk with us in a journey to reach our peak health and become dominant in every aspect of life. A lot of you took us up on that offer. Because of your actions, we've been inspired to take this thing to the next level in building stronger, more virile men.



They say, if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go with a group. Now more than ever, men need fellowship and networks to help fight the good fight. That's why in alignment with our goal help 10,000 men across the globe reach their peak health and performance, we've created a new community and membership for our customers with a goal of building a network of likeminded men that help one another.

It all start's by becoming a member on the site - which starts by clicking 'Log In' on the homepage to create a membership.

Why You Should Join #HerbGang 🌿

  1. 25% OFF Lifetime Discount

  2. When you become a member of #HERBGANG (by joining on the website), you're entitled to a 25% off discount for every single purchase that you make from now, until the end of time! Take advantage of this special discount when you join the gang.

  3. #HERBGANG - Private Membership for FREE

  4. Once you're a member, you get free access to our discord group of likeminded men. Here is this group, we have 5 separate rooms where we'll fellowship and discuss money making, dating and girls, health and fitness, life, and friendship. Here you can access exclusive content, coordinate and meet with likeminded men, and find an accountability partner for your health and fitness goals. Over time we will look to source and find top-notch figures and subject matter experts to head up each room!

  5. Invite Only Samplings

  6. Our customers drive the direction of the company! In these invite only samplings, you'll have first access in determining which formulas are crafted and created next, not to mention, you'll receive free new products for testing purposes and have first access to all new products. Not to mention, herb gang members will have first priority in all offers, contests, giveaways, and order delivery.

  7. Partner Discounts

  8. We're in the process of creating some BIG partnerships with other products and services that can fit not only your health needs, but your lifestyle needs as well. As a member of #HERBGANG, you'll reap the benefits of our partnerships as well. This means, you'll receive significant discounts on partner brands that share the vision of helping men reach their peak performance.

  9. Exclusive Content

  10. If you've read any of the previous blogs like Health Red Pills or 10 Ways to Boost Testosterone, you'll know that we have some serious eye-opening game to share to our network. Obviously, as a result of the nature of our company, we can't say everything we would like to say. In our group, we're going to share some serious red pills are guaranteed to open your eyes and change your life!


What's Coming Down the Pipe


  2. We're hosting a private event with #HerbGang to field your questions and create new formulas based on your biggest health needs and concerns


  4. Per request of some of our supporters, we are going to be making a YouTube channel and creating content in video form


  6. Be on the lookout men, we've got some BIG partnerships coming down the pipe, with some complimentary products and services!

Wrapping It Up

While it might seem that the world is against you men, Ramil Herbs is a health solution designed with YOU in mind. Join our membership group and let's help each other get better guys!

Finally, if you love the herbs - one way you could help us grow the network and provide a better service.

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