Eye-Opening Health Red Pills Pt. 2 - Should You Trust Them?

A few weeks ago I opened some of yalls eyes. I shared with you how medical malpractice is more dangerous than you might have thought. I shared with you how seriously some medical professionals acted during a pandemic. I discussed various medical professionals' financial situations - leading to conflicts of interest against your health.

The goal of this post isn't to disparage the field, instead, I'm here for yall, I want yall to go into every situation possible with all the information. I don't want you out here blindly trusting degrees, credentials, and lab coats.

So here's the continuation, part two to this series. Stick with me as I challenge some of the current doctrines and broaden your mind as to what's really going on. Stick with me, I'm going to be dropping some bombs.



Disclaimer: While I do focus on helping men achieve their peak health, I’m not a doctor or a medical expert, nor do I diagnose illness or prescribe pharmaceuticals. I’m just a brotha with an affinity for herbs and herbal medicines. What I’m about to share shouldn’t be taken as a substitute for qualified medical expertise. It’s simply my experience and views on the subject. Before you make any changes in lifestyle or diet, talk to your doctor or healthcare provider.

Now that we've gotten that out the way, tighten your chinstraps men, I'm about to go in

5 More Eye-Opening Health Red Pills

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8. Where's the fairness?

Science, or what we think is science is based on provable facts and figures. Based on this, we typically look at science as a rational art that excludes emotions. If that is the case, why is it that conditions like prostate cancer (cancer that afflicts about the same number of people as breast cancer) are rarely discussed or promoted? Or why is it that women can live an average of 6 yrs on average longer than men, and this logical industry remains silent? Or finally, a male under 25 has to pay more for car insurance, why are group medical insurance costs the same between genders, even though we know men utilize the system less frequently? You could call these few examples whiny or nitpicky, but fact of the matter is, it highlights the fact that the health system is highly susceptible to bias. Or in other words, if you aren't in certain groups, you're going to get the short end of the stick.

9. Why is health administration so expensive?

Administrative costs currently make up a major chunk of healthcare spending, especially in America. Administration makes up about 34% of total hospital spending and accounts for hundreds of billions of dollars in healthcare spending annually. Think about that the next time you pay your hospital bill or premium. About $1 for every $3 you spend on that high a** bill is going towards stuff like paperwork, filing, and regulatory compliance, not directly improving/fixing your health.


10. What's up with medical science lately?

I don't know about you, but science has seemed to have gotten a little crazy lately. Firstly, they are jabbing us with a brand new you know what for a condition with a 99% survival rate. Touching back on point 8, isn't that a slap in the face to people afflicted with heart disease or cancer (the #1 and 2 killers year after year)? Why didn't they expedite vaccines or medical research for those conditions? On the other hand, we have doctors affirming the medical necessities for transformative conditions, if you catch my drift. Again a little nitpicky, but to my 8th point, who determines what conditions get research funding or awareness promotions? Conditions that multinational corporations and global elite approve of or the most afflictive conditions?

11. Why do Physicians have a suicide rate twice the level of the general population?

According to WebMD, physicians have quite a high relative suicide rate. Not to mention, according to the Becker Hospital Review, about half (51%) of physicians reported frequent feelings of burnout in 2017. I don't have much to say given how morbid and disheartening these statistics are. However, given the nature of this article, I had to include them, plus, it does make you wonder....?


12. Can we blame them for our obesity?

If it's true that obesity accounts for 300,000 deaths each year and obesity-related diseases cost the US almost $150 billion each year is the medical industry partially to blame? If a president presided over 4 years of famine and war, we would blame him. Over the past 20 years or so, the current health regime has presided over a mental health crisis, an opioid crisis, an obesity crisis, and a global pandemic. You could say that could be too much of interference, for the medical industry to control our food choices. However, over the past 20 years, they also lobbied against alcohol and big tobacco for their impacts on your health and advocated for vaccines to protect you from spreading illnesses, so I'm not sure they're anti-interfering with our lifestyles? I don't know about you, but something seems fishy here!

Wrapping It Up

Men, with all the forces against us in this world, our health has to be our #1 priority. We can achieve massive amounts of wealth, we can have a great family and tons of friends, or we could even attract all the ladies, but it means nothing if our health isn't right.

Therefore, I'll leave you with this, never settle for a single opinion, never blindly trust, and always know that YOUR health is YOUR responsibility.


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