Why Every Man Should Consider Gingko Biloba

Gingko Biloba is one of the most popular herbs out today. An herb used for centuries in Asia, Gingko Biloba was coined to be a living fossil by Charles Darwin due to the fact that these trees have been around since the beginning of time.  Crazy enough, a Gingko Biloba tree even survived the atomic bombing at Hiroshima during WW2 with no deformations. That alone should perk up your ears.

While this herb has spiritual and medicinal benefits to some, in this blog I'm going to focus on the TON of medicinal benefits of this herb. There's 20 of them so buckle up your chinstraps, we're going to be here for a little while. 

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Disclaimer: While I do focus on helping men achieve their peak health, I’m not a doctor or a medical expert, nor do I diagnose illness or prescribe pharmaceuticals. I’m just a brotha with an affinity for herbs and herbal medicines. What I’m about to share shouldn’t be taken as a substitute for qualified medical expertise. It’s simply my experience and views on the subject. Before you make any changes in lifestyle or diet, talk to your doctor or healthcare provider.

Here's 20 Reasons Why Every Man Should Consider Gingko Biloba

gingko biloba for men's health

Whether you are a health freak or looking to get your health right, this herb has a wide range of use cases including: 

Can help with your Arthritis:

  • Due to it's anti-inflammatory properties, it has been shown in some cases to be a pain-relieving agent. Ginkgo helps reduce inflammation by blocking nitric acid, which plays an important part in inflammation

May have anti-Cancer properties

  • According to Cancernetwork.com research, Gingko is used by many cancer patients and has displayed effectiveness in in vitro studies against cancer and chemotherapy related toxicity

Helps Your Heart Health

  • One of the most potent benefits of gingko biloba is its impact on the heart...a huge issue within our community. Gingko is known to increase blood flow throughout the body and even shown to help people with heart disease (one of the leading killers annually across the United Sates) with heart health.

Sexual Dysfunction

  • It happens to the best of us, especially with age and poor health choices; losing your libido might impact confidence, your relationship and, obviously, your ability to Get Her Sprung. Let's just say that Gingko helps with blood flow, making it easier for you to rise to the occasion, hence why it's a major component of the best selling Get Her Sprung formula. 

    Promising Power Against Strokes

    • Deemed as a potential "brain saver", this herb is also a strong antioxidant and blood thinner, because of this researchers believe it has an effect against strokes. Actually, according to WebMD, gingko biloba supplements reduced brain damage following a stroke by 30% in mice.

    Defense Against Dementia

    • As you get older and your memory begins to fade, this herb could help protect your brain and slow down brain deterioration. Components of ginkgo improve brain and mitochondrial function, but studies are still out on it's power against Alzheimer's. 

    Mental Power

    • As one of the strongest components in our mental power formula, I take this every single day for mental clarity and top notch brain performance. It helps my focus and attention span and improves blood flow to the brain. As a user myself, I share it with every guy I know! 

    Protects Kidney Health

    Hair Growth Stimulating

    • This is powerful for most men. Who doesn't want a healthy head of hair? The antioxidant properties in ginkgo can stimulate healthy hair regrowth by improving circulation in the scalp and act as a regrowth tonic!

    Slowing Down Hair Loss 

    • On the flip side, if you're already losing your hair, Ginkgo can help slow down the loss, support healing of the scalp and weak hair follicles. 

    Anti-Anxiety Herb 

    • The Journal of Psychiatric Research found that people with anxiety disorder (a growing problem across the United States) experienced relief against studies with placebo.

    Headaches and Migraines Solution

    • On the note of stress and anxiety, stress and anxiety induced headaches and migraines can potentially be relieved by gingko as well. Also, given it's ability to improve blood flow and dilate blood vessels, it could also provide relief against both headache and migraine. However, on the flip side, and oddly enough, headaches and migraines have also been reported as a side effect of this herb. 

    Memory Aiding 

    • Not only can it be effective against memory loss, it is often touted as a memory aid, meaning studies have shown that it's shown improvements in cognitive function in some people who take this herb. It's a big component of Mental Power Formula for this reason! 

    Focus > ADHD 

    • Again on that note, as a potential aid in helping users focus for longer periods of time, there are some use cases as a natural combatant to ADHD and hyperactivity. I definitely find myself calm, relaxed, and locked in when I take it in the morning, not jittery or hyperactive. 

    A Skin Clearing Herb

    Eye Health Booster

    Obesity Reducing

    Respiratory Health

    • Ginkgo’s anti-inflammatory properties play a huge role in reducing negative symptoms o COPD. These properties reduce the swelling of your airways, increase your lung capacity and make breathing easier.


    • In addition to it's benefits on stress relief and anxiety, it also has promising results in terms of helping with depression. Not to mention, it can help reverse some of the negative sexual and libido impacts based on taking SSRIs. 


    • Ginkgo’s anti-inflammatory properties also play a huge role in reducing negative symptoms of asthma as they can reduce inflammation of the airways and make it easier to breathe. 

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    Wrapping It Up

    Hey guys, this herb survived Hiroshima, that alone should say something.. It's potent and it works for a number of ailments. Let us know what you think about this herb in the comments! 


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