How to Get Her Sprung - 5 Ways to Be the Best She's Ever Had


Let's face it, sex is a big part of our lives as human beings. And as men, there's alot of pressure behind being the one that she considers the best she's ever had.

Whether you're looking to blow her back out or keep her attracted, to you here's some things you can do to "get her sprung".Ā 

Disclaimer:Ā While I do focus on helping men achieve their peak health, Iā€™m not a doctor or a medical expert, nor do I diagnose illness or prescribe pharmaceuticals. Iā€™m just a brotha with an affinity for herbs and herbal medicines. What Iā€™m about to share shouldnā€™t be taken as a substitute for qualified medical expertise. Itā€™s simply my experience and views on the subject. Before you make any changes in lifestyle or diet, talk to your doctor or healthcare provider.

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5 Methods for Being the Best She's Ever HadĀ 

1. ForeplayĀ 

This may come as a surprise, but thereā€™s more to blowing her back out than being hung like a horse or hitting it for 6 hours straight. Once you get this through your head, you are on the way to being her best.Ā 

Foreplay, or what you call French kissing, handjobs and fingering, oral sex, sensual massage, dirty talk or roleplay has three benefits. First it massively help out the men struggling with premature ejaculation as it will slow things down a bit. Secondly, it will make your sessions last much longer. Finally, it will make your sessions more intense and varied.


2.Ā Learn Her Erogenous Zones

An erogenous zone is basically any area on the body that has the potential to create erotic and sexual arousal when touched. While some say a woman's whole body is an erogenous zone,Ā the most powerful erogenous zones were breasts, lips, neck, ears, and butt. Did you know that studies have shown that 12% of women said they can orgasmĀ solely from theĀ stimulation of these spots?Ā There's levels to this sh*t man! Now that I've gotten your ears perked up, here's one of the most potent erogenous zones to stimulate.Ā 


3. Talk Dirty to HerĀ 

It is often said that the brain is the biggest sex organ. I'll go as far to say that women have two "boxes", the one between their legs and the one in between their ears. There's two ways you can make this work for you. First, saying the right things can really push women over the edge. Alan Roger Currie, one of the GOATs in the dating space wrote a WHOLE book about this concept. Find it here:Ā 

Alan Roger Currie Oooh Say It Again

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Secondly, just like you like it when she's hollering and screaming, women want you to be more vocal in the sack. Take that how you want bros.Ā 


4. Mix It UpĀ 

Girls have freaky fantasies men. If you ask them (in a blind survey of course), many of the express wanting to be involved in wild escapades like gangbangs and rape scenarios. Not to mention, ifĀ you and your partner have been together a long time, chances are it's gotten stale. You know exactly what she'sĀ going to do, you know exactly what she's going to do. I'll go out on a limb and say she has some unchecked boxes on her list of fantasies, and like Jada and Will Smith, she expects you to know exactly what she wants, without her telling you. That mean's you've got to mix it up, try something new, and avoid routine at all costs my brothas!Ā 


5.Ā  Boost Your "Horsepower"

Whether you're driving a Toyota Camry or a Ferrari Enzo, you're performance is only as good as what's underneath the hood. In order to put in work in the bedroom, you're going to have to have three things: better blood flow, a higher libido, and more sexual stamina. In order to really blow her back out, you have to try the Get Her Sprung Formula, handcrafted with 7 of the most potent herbs for male sexual performance.Ā 

Ā Wrapping It Up

There you have it men, a 5 step strategy to help you take your sessions to the next level and etch your name into her #1 spot. Ignore these tips at your own risk!Ā 


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Which ailments do you struggle with the most? (select all that apply)
Ā free polls

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