10 Ways Men Can Benefit from Maca Root

A few weeks ago we covered the 20 benefits of Gingko Biloba, as apart of our "Beneficial Herbs for Men" series, we're going to highlight on herb in our formulas and explain why it's so powerful for men. Today we cover Maca Root.Ā 

As a cousin of broccoli, cabbage, and kale, Maca is a Peruvian cruciferous plant, often known as "Peruvian Ginseng". The Incans for thousands of years, used the root of this plant (maca root) for stimulation, energy-wise and sexually speaking. Rumor has it, Incan Warriors would even take Maca Root before going to battle with rival tribes to increase their strength and endurance.

Inside every man there's a warrior, in this blog I'm going to share with you how Maca Root can help you increase your inner warrior.

maca root

Disclaimer:Ā While I do focus on helping men achieve their peak health, Iā€™m not a doctor or a medical expert, nor do I diagnose illness or prescribe pharmaceuticals. Iā€™m just a brotha with an affinity for herbs and herbal medicines. What Iā€™m about to share shouldnā€™t be taken as a substitute for qualified medical expertise. Itā€™s simply my experience and views on the subject. Before you make any changes in lifestyle or diet, talk to your doctor or healthcare provider.


Whether you are a health freak or looking to get your health right, this herb has a wide range of possible use cases including:Ā 

Contains High Nutritional Value

Boosts Libido

  • As we get older, our libido decreases naturally. Multiple studies have shown that Maca root can improve libido and sexual performance in males AND females.Ā 

Might Help You Get It Up

Possibly Good for Bones & Teeth

  • Maca could potentially help reduce bone loss and aid those with osteoarthritis in their pain and stiffness because of it's high reparagen content.Ā 

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

  • Due to it's anti-inflammatory properties, it has been shown in some cases to be helpful in repairing your tissues!

Might Improve Your Workouts

Aid with Altitude Sickness

Helping Enlarged Prostates

    For Mood, & Anxiety

    • Maca contains flavonoids, which are thought toĀ improve mood and reduce anxiety andĀ . No wonder why the used this as an aphrodisiac!

      Sun Damage

      • The primary users of Maca lived in high altitudes where the sun beamed down directly on them. Maca was aided them in protection from sun damage as it is shown in some cases to act as a sunscreen, protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.Ā 


        FindĀ Maca Root in our best-selling 100% vegan formulas and cleanses.Ā 


        This herb was good enough for real warriors engaging in real warfare, it's good enough for you in your daily life. It'sĀ time for you to consider adding it to your repertoire and unleash your inner warrior!Ā Ā 


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        • Calvin D

          I have been using these formulas on and off for some time now and I must say they are 100% effective and to to some setbacks I had to stop however I will be more consistent in using these formulas and supporting Ramil Herbs in getting known further

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